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Name: James Payne
Message: Just wanted to let you know i received my order and wanted to thank you. Fits perfectly and totally love the design of the Dinosaur. Also seen you managed to fix the links on the website :)
Again thanks for the amazing designs and all the best for the future, and i will tell everyone about your site :)
Regards: James Payne (20/01/2012)

Good evening again Fatos........
T-shirt , recieved.... good fit , magnet on fridge - looking good , keep up the good work.
Will e-mail you again , proir to next visit .......
Cheer's for now
Tommy . x . (04/09/2011)

Thank you - Your wonderful T-shirt has arrived safely.
What a fantastic service.
Alex - Melbourn (16/08/08)

Hello! How are you?
I bought you 2 T-shirt a few days ago in Cambridge. I hope you remember me, I am a French girl. I am in Cambridge with 48 teenagers until on August 20th we have good time. Today we will play bowling. I wear the T-shirt with the penguin!
Have a nice day!
Laure (11/08/2008)

i'm not sure if you remember me i bought a blue penguin t-shirt yesterday for my husband and spoke to you today about how great it was. My husband has his ownwebsite and would like to put a link to you website from his free of charge as we love you stuff so much. his website is www.paullee.com
Best wishes

Dear Fatos,
As promised a few weeks ago when I saw you in Cambridge, attached are some photos of my friends little girl - Holly - who is wearing one your tops that I gave her. She lives in Perth, Australia. My friend gave permission for you to include these photos on your website if you would like to.
I received my duck print black T - I love it - thanks!
Warm regards,
Laura Connor - London (16/05/2008)

Little Holly - Australia

Hi Fatos,
Just to say i got the t shirt a couple of weeks ago and delighted with it. -
thanks very much.
Ciara (Ireland) - (07/05/2008)

The mouse mat works OK with mice. But not with rats. They keep running
away !!
Dave (24/02/2008)

Dear Fatos,
I just thought I'd mail you some pics of my daughter Lily wearing her fat cat t-shirt and the picture on her bedroom wall. She loves her picture of fat cat very much and each night we have to say goodnight to him!!
Take care,
Lydgia Parratt (Cambridge-02/10/2007)

Little Lilly - Cambridge

Back from our Italian holidays, here is the promised picture with my father modeling your great XXL dogWbone t-shirt!
He absolutely loved it!!
Thanks a lot and see you soon in Market Square!
debora (15/08/2007)

deboras father

Hello Fatos!,
How are you?. I'm Pilar from Barcelona. Do you remember me?. I visited you in the market square in Cambridge the last June. I bought only one coffee cup with sheep design. I love my coffee cup... Thank you for your patience ...I stayed more time in my decision. I visited your web. I love your job. It's very beautiful and it's a good idea for to sell around the world!!! You are famous!!! You appear in the newspaper!!! See you soon, this summer or the next. Regards!!!
Pilar Fernández (Barcelona) (27/07/2007)

Hi Fatos
You may remember you helped make a clock for us to go in Kates campervan, I promised to let you have photo's so here they are.
Sorry it's taken so long but resoring campervans isn't a quick project I'm afraid.
Hope they are ok for you and if you want it is no problem to use them for
Thanks again for your Help
Tony Yarwood (Manchester) (11/07/2007)

This is Lindsey, the sea turtle obsessed girl! I was SO excited to see that you really did make a sea turtle- I was talking about it the rest of the day! :) It turned out ADORABLE, and I am so in awe of your talent- you're amazing!
Thanks so much!
Lindsey Justice (09/06/2007)

Dear Fatos,
thanks for your email. Thanks for letting me know that you've done the
t-shirt and i will let you know when she receives it! Thanks so much for
your help! I hope your company/business does really well. You are a very
sweet lady :)
hari (22/11/2006)

Hi Fatos!
I received the T-shirt yesterday morning. I really thank you first because i didn't expect it to arrive so quickly and then because you did a pretty good job! I am very pleased of the result!! Sure enough my dad will love it! Thank you for taking some news and for your kindness :)
Take care,
Amélie Fau (France) (22/11/2006)

Hi Fatos
Clock has arrived,, absolutely brilliant ,, it has turned out far better
than I imagined,, Thanks for putting numbers on as well.
Again,, Many Many Thanks
Tony (Manchester) (16/11/2006)

I got the t-shirt yesterday, thank you very much! It is so cute!
Helena Jidborg (08/11/2006)

cheers for that!
the shirt and design is fantastic! just got home from london this evening and the package had got here before me.
thanks again.
jo (Netherland) (31/10/2006)

Hey Fatos, how's it going?
The framers did a lovely job with your prints, I'm very pleased with how they look. I'm sure anyone seeing the images who has anything to do with baby/nursery designs will see that you're an (as yet) untapped talent!
Thank you again for the prints, we're so pleased with them and how the room looks.
I hope you're well and that business is booming.
Take care, best wishes
Vicki (USA) (19/06/2006)

I don't know If you'll remember or not, but I came to your stall on
Cambridge Market the other day and bought a small picture of a frog off you
for my grandma's birthday, and I also gave you a small cartoon of aliens
from a newspaper by that artist you like?
Heh, hope you remember now!
Well, I just thought I'd email to let you know that my grandma really liked
the picture I bought for her :)
I thought maybe You'd like to know that your work was appreciated :)
So, thankyou for the frog! :)
Hope you keep coming up with more fab ideas! (I had a look at your website, I like your pictures!)
Mike (14/06/2006)

The T-shirt was a great success!!! thanks very much for getting it done so
Morgan (13/05/2006)

Dear madam,
I met you today in the market and you gave me your business card to check your website if i would like to order certain staff. I would like to tell you that i checked the website it is lovely!
best wishes,
Rozalin (13/05/2006)

Merci beaucoup!

Dear Fatos,
'Thanks a lot' in French as you probably know already!
It was very lovely to see you with my little boy Jacques this morning... at last you've met his cheekiness. He loves his dog I've framed and put in his bedroom alongside the other 2 of your pictures I've already got him.
Thank you ever so much for your generosity and kindness.
You new characters are fantastic.
See you soon.
Agnès (29/04/2006)

Greetings Fatos,
Thanks for the shirts, they're great!!!
Kiersten (09/04/2006)

Hello Fatos,
It has been great to know a cartoonist working nearby.
I like your new designs as well!
Mikyung (25/03/2006)

Hi Fatos,
I saw your work in Cambridge the other Sunday -
Very impressed, and original!
Chris While (16/03/2006)

Thanks, my niece really loved her new cat clock!!!
Hope you had a good xmas and happy new year.
Sue (27/12/2005)

Dear Fatos,
A new year's greeting from Yi.
Just visited your web site, it's very interesting. I really enjoyed them. Hope to meet you again some day in Cambridge.
Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Yi Wang (23/12/2005)
PhD Candidate in Architecture- Wolfson College

I love your bugs cartoon! :)
Barn (18/12/2005)

I met you in Cambridge today and bought a framed frog from you. Thank
you! :D My mum will love it.
I've just had a look at your site, it's very nice, but I think your work
looks much cleaner in print. Do you have any more animations I can see?
Hope you are doing well at the market!
Take care,
Barn (18/12/2005)

Hi Fatos!
Do you recall a Gorgeous T-Shirt (age 10-11) that I bought last Saturday, you let me get away with £10 instead of £11. Then you even wrapped it up in silver paper and red ribbon!
My friend really liked this birthday present, I got a free lunch from her
Shien-Shin Tham (05/11/2005)

Good Morning Fatos,
I just wanted to thank you again for meeting me last night to deliver the artwork. I am very happy with the outcome of the painting. I hope to do business with you again in the future.
Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!
Frank Kong (30/9/2005)

Hello Fatos,
I was in the town market at Cambridge just last Sunday (September 25). I really enjoy looking at your artwork and like the colors that you use. I am interested in making purchases as I am looking for artwork to hang on the walls of my home and I think that your artwork will look fantastic...
Thank you and have a fantastic day.
Frank Kong (CA - USA) (26/09/2005)

Dear Fatos,
Hope you have a good time in Cambridge.
I just wanted to tell you that I'll go to the city center on Sunday and I'll
buy some that you designed. There isn't something to ask you prepare another some design for me.
However, I want your signature, that's enough for me.
See you on Sunday.
Naoyuki Kurokawa (23 September 2005)

Hi Fatos,
The t-shirt arrived yesterday. Peter really likes it. He put it on immediately and wore it to his church youth group meeting last night.
Thanks so much for all you did to send the shirt to Peter.
Maybe we will see you again someday.
We hope your business goes well in the future.
Karen Edge (MN - USA) (22 September 2005)

Hi Fatos, how's the business? I don't know if you remember me but I bought
your PURPLE CAT in August while I was on holiday in Cambridge. It was
originally a present for a friend but I liked it too much and so now it is on
my wall! i hope you finish your web site in English soon. I've looked at the
page in Turkish and your work is reallly impressive. The Cup Game is
impossible! If you ever decide to come to Madrid to sell your work - or even
just for a holiday - drop me a line.
Good Luck,
Andy Kearns (15 September 2005)

Hi Fatos!
This is Agnès the French women with a baby who loves buying your artworks. I hope you are well. I am looking at your Cambridge website which is very good and where I can finally understand what you're talking about... Cheers.
I love what you do!
You're brilliant!
Keep up with the good work and the amazing inspiration.
Agnès J. Fauverge (12 September 2005)

I recently saw your stand in the market at Cambridge and although I didn't
buy anything but I was very impressed by your work.
Many thanks
Sam Wood (07 September 2005)

Hi Fatos
Thanks so much for the wonderful picture - my friends loved it.
I'm heading off to Telford today but will be back in Cambridge at some
Thanks again and all the best,
Jenifer Lewington (22 August 2005)

I bought some of your work the other day. It's great!
Please could you send me an email when your site is up and running in
Thank you,
Morgan (22 August 2005)

Hi again Fatos
I never cease to be impressed by your myriad talents. Your CV is very impressive too as is your range of professional ventures you have undertaken. To think that
I have your autograph on the back of my picture. Be worth millions in a few years time!!
Very best wishes
Neil Graham-Cameron (13 August 2005)

Hi Fatos
Your picture is now hanging in my kitchen as it is to do with (the mouse) getting to food in the most direct manner!
I hope you Sunday produced some profit for the business
Have a good week
Neil Graham-Cameron (07 August 2005)

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